Yoga with Kerry Waiver of Liability Form

Please print, fill out and bring with you to your next class. If you cannot print, waivers will be available to you at your class.

click here for the direct link for the waiver in PDF format



Announcement May 22, 2020

Yoga classes fall under the new restrictions being lifted, however, Kerry is not ready yet to start offering in person classes. There are many variables involved to meet the requirements of safety and Kerry needs some more time to sort out of the details. At this time, Kerry is looking ahead to possibly outdoor yoga in the summer (yoga in the park) and/or online yoga private sessions and small groups. 

Announcement (March 19, 2020):

Kerry is suspending all in-person Yoga classes, including private lessons and group lessons for the health and safety of all students during COVID-19 pandemic. 

Monday March 16th Yoga for Peace class cancelled due to COVID-19. 

Spring Session 

Yoga for Peace

April 20-June15

Mondays 6:45-8pm 

KP Hall, Trail

(8 week session)


*Beginners and new students always welcome!

*Register via link on the right side of this page. 

*Classes held at KP Hall, Trail (942 Eldorado St.)

"I went to Kerry's yoga class a couple of weeks ago and was blown away! She is fantastic and I learned lots! Teri, Nakusp


"Thanks for being such a great teacher, your classes are so light and fun, it is nice to relax and not worry about doing everything perfect or being perfect (whatever that is)." 

Class Descriptions

*Please bring to class:

Yoga mat, bolster, meditation cushion, warm layers, blanket, block, strap, tennis ball water bottle. 

*If you don't have these yoga supplies, Kerry will have some yoga supplies for you to borrow.

Yoga for Peace   

Mondays 6:45pm-8pm 

A relaxing therapeutic yoga class for all levels to help slow down, create space and find peace and ease in the body and mind. 

Yoga for Peace will incorporate somatic movements including Joint Freeing Sequence, pandiculation, breathwork, somatic exercises, restorative postures, gentle stretches, mindfulness meditation, and relaxation techniques including tapping, progressive muscle relaxation, body scan and yoga nidra. 

Each class is intelligently designed to help reduce the stress response, and let go on a deeper layer and help you find a sense of ease, steadiness and peace within your body and mind.  

Each class will build on progressions and themes interwoven from one class to the next as you build in your learning and relaxation practice. 

*Students, please note that the KP Hall doors will now be locked during the class for your safety. Please arrive early as the doors will be locked at the beginning of class. 

"Wow! What a wonderful, connecting, loving yoga class you taught last evening - very powerful! Your efforts and time at Kripalu are shining through you to us fortunate yoga recipients. Thank-you for sharing your growth and wisdom in helping me and so many others in healing and growing towards love. Your contribution is huge and immeasurable." Andy Morel 



Follow these easy 3 steps to register for your class or private session.

  1. Choose your class/workshop or private lesson & click on it. 
  2. Click on the start date of your class on the calendar that pops up.
  3. Click on the time (for private sessions), click "continue", then fill in your info.


KP Hall, 942 Eldorado St., Trail 

(above Shoppers Drug Mart) 

Yoga Class Etiquette

Yoga is a safe, respectful sanctuary. It is important to have a sense of respect for yourself and others, especially at Yoga. With this sense of deep respect please remember these few items in order to maintain the calm, peaceful environment of your Yoga class:

  •  Please arrive 5-10 mins. early. This allows you the time to transition into your Yoga class. If you happen to be late, please be respectful and wait until after the centering/meditation before entering the space. When you do enter, please be quiet and mindful of the other students.
  • Please avoid using any scented products, especially perfumes, oils  or hair products     
  •  Please turn off anything that beeps, including cell phone and watches. 
  • Please respect other students’ space by walking around their mats and not stepping on their mat. 
  • Please respect that some students are coming to Yoga as a quiet space, please talk to your neighbours/friends in quiet voices. 
  • Please incorporate a sense of Saucha or purity and only have your necessities with you at your mat. Clutter around your mat can be a mental distraction for you and others.
  • Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations or issues in order to receive appropriate modifications for you.