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Almost "Happy Holiday" Season!!

November 28, 2015

Almost “Happy Holiday” Season!

“The calm before the storm.” Here we are, the final few days in November before the calendar turns over and we enter the busy holiday season with festivities, events, travelling, guests, parties, outdoor activities, eating and drinking and all the fun activities!

Something new for me this year, instead of a chocolate advent calendar I am creating a Kindness Advent Calendar, 24 days of kindness! I will commit to an act of kindness for each day leading up to Christmas. I have some simple ideas already; plugging someone’s meter, buying supplies for SPCA, taking a friends dog for a walk. However, I would love to hear some of your ideas of “random acts of kindness” or well thought out “acts of kindness.” If any of you are interested in joining me in the Kindness Advent Calendar we could post our Kindness Day Activities on my Facebook page to share!


Yoga with Kerry in December!

1.    Fall Session ends: Wednesday Dec.9th!! *New Date!!

2.    Holiday Yoga Gift ideas!

3.    Yoga Therapy in the Community

4.    Winter Schedule: Jan.11th-Mar.24th

5.    Yoga with Kerry on Social Media!!


1. Fall Session of drop-in Yoga classes

Wednesday Dec.9th will be the final class for Yoga drop-ins for the Fall Session. *Please note the final day has changed from the 17th to the 9th!!


2. Holiday Yoga Gift Ideas!
Looking for a special gift, one that promotes positive, healthy living? Here are a couple ideas for you.

·      10x punch pass ($125)

·      Gift Certificates (any denomination) to go towards either supplies or classes

·      Halfmoon Yoga Supplies: Eye pillows, meditation cushions, bolsters, new yoga mats, strap, blocks.

·      Private lessons: Pre-pay for private lessons! (1.5 hour lesson=$90, 1 hr lesson=$70)


3. Yoga Therapy in the Community

I have been thrilled to have some continuing teaching opportunities as well as some new teachings in the Greater Trail community. Here is what Kerry is up to with Yoga Therapy in the Greater Trail Community!

Yoga therapy for mental health and wellbeing:

      I.         Daly Pavilion: I have been teaching Yoga Therapy at the Daly Pavilion for almost 1.5 years and I love the challenge and spontaneity of teaching in the acute psychiatry unit. I have learned so much from teaching at the Daly, in particular how everyone takes something different from each session, re-iterating the value and diversity of that yoga therapy offers. Truly, something for everyone!  I teach the group class at the Daly on Thursday mornings.

    II.         Harbour House: I am now teaching a pilot Yoga Therapy program at the Harbour House. This is in its early stages and I am excited to see this program continue to grow! I am at the Harbour House Thursday afternoons.

  III.         Stroke Recovery Group of BC: I have been teaching with the Stroke Recovery Group over the last 3 years and I have found this group to be incredibly receptive and open to Yoga Therapy! We work mainly in chairs, however, we also practice standing postures to work on strength and balance. One thing that is requested at each session is to work on deepening the breath, as many find they naturally breathe quite shallow! I teach with Stroke Recovery Group on Thursdays at lunch.

   IV.         TECK: I teach 4 gentle, mindful flow classes at Teck during their lunch breaks. These classes are open to all staff and many find they love the yoga classes as a respite from their working day. A chance to stretch, release tension and relax before going into their afternoon work! These classes are truly for everyone, all levels and the focus is on mindfulness and relaxation. This month I also started a new program at TECK called “Healthy Minds, Healthy Brains.” These presentation and practice sessions are open to everyone at Teck and I highly recommend joining if you are at all interested in learning how to reduce the mental stress and learn strategies for strengthening the brain for greater ease in one’s life as well as increased focus and productivity! I am onsite Mondays and Wednesdays.

     V.         Yoga for Staff at KBRH! A new program for the staff of KBRH to come and participate in a healthy, positive class before they head home for the night! The classes are based on gentle, mindful movement to help relax the body and mind, de-stress from the day and ease into the night’s activities. Classes are held Thursday afternoons.  


4. Winter Schedule: Jan.11th-March 24th

Drop-in Yoga classes will resume at the KP Hall the week of January 11th, 2016!

Winter Drop-in Schedule:

Mondays @ 6:45pm  Relaxation Yoga

Tuesdays @9:30am  Intro to Yoga Therapeutics

Wednesdays @6:45pm  SlowFlow Yoga 


Registered Classes and workshops TBA in the NewYear Newsletter!


5. Yoga with Kerry is on Social Media!

A great way to get all the latest Yoga info from classes, workshops, programs, community events! Check it out:




November news and perspectives!

October 31, 2015

Happy November Yogi’s!

One of my favorite month’s of the year! I love how quiet everything gets when it rains (and even better when it snows!), I love wearing warm, cozy sweaters, I love my toques, I love my rain boots and slushing around in puddles like a kid! I love the storms and the reminder that everything is in flux and always changes! I love the darkness and grey as a contrast to the bright, blue sky as it “allows” me a chance to catch up on indoor activitie...

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October E-Newsletter

October 7, 2015

October E-newsletter  Yoga with Kerry


1.    Yoga classes cancelled on Monday Oct.12th for Thanksgiving Holiday!

2.    New Class: Lunch Yoga! Nov.3-Dec.8th

3.    Intro to Mindfulness Workshop: Coming up in November!

4.    Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

5.    Yoga Class Schedule

6.    Yoga with Kerry on Social Media!



1. Yoga Classes Cancelled on Monday Oct.12th (Thanksgiving holiday!)
A time for gratitude and reverence, classes on Monday Oct.12th will be cance...

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Fall Yoga News!

September 1, 2015

Welcome to the Fall Yoga Session!

Change in seasons is a great time to reflect and consider changes we are experiencing and how we adapt to our ever changing selves? Yoga is a wonderful practice, but also very challenging as it asks us to be in this unpredictable state of change and learn healthy tools and strategies for coping, managing and ultimately thriving and flowing with the changes. The Yoga practice at once deeply soothing and calming but also a practice that is vul...

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Yoga Retreat!

August 11, 2015

Happy days Yogi’s!


I would like to invite you to join me for a weekend of rejuvenation and restoration at the upcoming Yoga for Healing weekend retreat!

Yoga retreats are an amazing way to fully commit to oneself and one’s journey towards wellness and be in a safe space to move deeper into the experience of relaxation and awareness. True healing comes from the inside out and it takes time to remove the layers and begin to open up to our own innate strength and wisdo...

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Summer Yoga!

June 28, 2015

Hello Yogi’s!

Summer is officially here and Yoga with Kerry is now in Summer Session Schedule!


Yoga with Kerry E-newsletter:

1.    Yoga in the Park schedule

2.    Yoga for Healing Weekend Retreat

3.    Private Yoga Lessons

4.    Community Yoga Programs

5.    Kerry’s 1000 hour Professional Yoga Therapy training



1. Yoga in the Park Schedule:   July 6th- August 26th

                                    **by donation to the SPCA!

Mondays 6-7pm Webster Elem...

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June: Month of FUN!

May 31, 2015

It’s the happy fun month of June!


This month celebrates the 8th Anniversary for Yoga with Kerry! Thank you to all of you, the students who have made Yoga with Kerry a vibrant, growing, community centered practice!

In honour of all of my dedicated and loyal students I would like to celebrate this month with you through a fun post-yoga get-together and some great deals on yoga classes and yoga supplies!


Yoga with Kerry E-Newsletter:

1.    Yoga and yoga supply deals...

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May Yoga News!

May 4, 2015

Hello Yogi’s

Its already May and we are well into Spring! If you are anything like me you have already started on outdoor projects, yard work, gardening, spring cleaning, and taking up favorite Spring sports. As much as I love all this outdoor time, it is wrecking havoc on my body and movement. Most activities tend to be one-side dominant, such as raking with the dominant arm/back, or biking that tends to make the front body contracted and the back body long and often sor...

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April Updates

April 20, 2015

Hi Yogi’s!

Lots of information to pass on to you, so check it out:


1)   Sunday Restorative Yoga Class has been cancelled and we will look to reschedule for the fall session with Danielle!


2)   Lunch Yoga has enough people registered so we can now offer the class as a drop-in! Drop-ins are $10 and the class runs for 10 weeks every Tuesday from 12:05-12:55pm beginning this Tuesday April 21st.


3)   Yoga for Healing is also running as a 10 week session. This is a...

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My lessons on the wave by Kerry

April 11, 2015

My lessons on the wave

One of the adventures I embarked on during my holiday was surfing. Now surfing is one of those sports that is constantly challenging and always humbling for me! I have “surfed” around the world, and every time I attempt to surf I return back to the state of absolute beginner. Maybe its because no matter where you surf, the waves are always changing, the weather is always changing and your level for adaption and fear is always changing., or maybe it...

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